14Tips Ultimate Bathroom Shower Design

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One Ultimate Bathroom Shower should has relaxation potential !!!

An ultimate bathroom shower can make a big statement or quietly enhance a room’s overall design. When outfitted with appealing materials and specialty shower-heads, even compact showers become your spa corner.

Think of a shower’s interior as a blank canvas awaiting your artistic touch. Personalize your shower. Make it pretty and practical.

Take time to choose surfaces, wall and floor materials and design. You can choose big and small tiles contaminate with stone wall. It is most relaxation felling in stone and wood designed bathroom shower. Choose clear glass cabinet door which make bigger appearance of your corner. It is good idea to Include relaxing touch by installing massaging sprays, rain shower-heads, and steam systems.

We should try to help you with this different tips of Ultimate Bathroom Shower Design bellow. You may copy some of this ultimate ideas.

Take a breath and scroll down!!!Β  πŸ™‚


Ultimate Bathroom Shower 2


Ultimate Bathroom Shower 1


Ultimate Bathroom Shower 3


Ultimate Bathroom Shower 4


Ultimate Bathroom Shower 6


Ultimate Bathroom Shower 5


Ultimate Bathroom Shower 11


Ultimate Bathroom Shower 8


Ultimate Bathroom Shower 9


Ultimate Bathroom Shower 14


Ultimate Bathroom Shower 10


Ultimate Bathroom Shower 5


Ultimate Bathroom Shower 12


Ultimate Bathroom Shower 13


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40 Responses

  1. I’ve got some extreme shower envy over here – that first one… DID ME IN!

  2. Wow! I need a bigger house! They are beautiful! I would actually enjoy a shower in any of those, I normally prefer baths!

  3. omg I would live in these!

  4. Ooh, that first one is dreamy!! I’d never leave it!

  5. Lots of dream showers here! If only my landlord would would update my shower ?
    Allison from http://www.mercuteify.com

  6. I once visited my family’s house in Chicago and they had the BEST shower. They had sprays on all four walls of the shower and it felt like such a spa experience!

  7. I feel like I wanna take a shower now! lol it looks so relaxing! must feel like youΒ΄re under the rain

  8. I hope that one day I’ll have one of these showers in my bathroom πŸ™‚ Nice post!

  9. All of the showers are really nice. I would love any of them. My favorite is the sixth photo though.

  10. I agree that a bathroom’s design enhances a room’s overall design. This is especially an important factor for me because it should be a place of relation after a long tiring day at work. These designs are really cute.


  11. These are cool designs! We’re currently in the process of moving in and it would be a dream to have showers like these!

    xx Daphne

  12. I would love any of these bathrooms in my house!

  13. They all look fantastic, but I liked more 4, 5, 8 and 10. Difficult to choose between these. It happen that I’ve just renoved my bathroom. πŸ™‚

  14. These are amazing! I’ve been wanting to redo my shower!

  15. Oh my gosh, these bathroom showers are serious goals, they look so dreamy! They are all so chic and stylish.

    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

  16. All of these are great! I am such a fan of the overhead rain shower head.

  17. All those showers are gorgeous. I cannot wait to design my own luxurious bathroom after we retire from the military.

  18. These are amazing bathroom designs! I love the first design the best with the stone and two ceiling rain heads.

  19. We are getting ready to remodel our master bathroom and I have so much inspiration now! I love the tiling and calm, earth toned colors in these showers!

  20. all these are soooo inviting BUT the first one! would never leave at all. I need an overhead shower in my life….one day! Thanks for sharing such beautiful shower designs

  21. Oh no, you didn’t just post a bunch of extremely admirable photos of showers and leave us hanging! No 1, 3 and 7 had me screaming so loudly! I will just seat here and belch out Bruno Mars hit song “I wanna be a millionaire
    , so freaking bad… “

  22. dearlydainty

    Wow! These bathrooms are breathtaking ! I need one in my house ! xoxo

  23. pospi otuson

    Wow, this are some great Bathroom shower designs. thanks for sharing (:

  24. OMG. I love it. I am thinking of renovating my shower. Your list is definitely an inspiration.

  25. These bathrooms make me so happy. Like I wouldn’t leave the shower if I had that overhead rain head! I am pinning this for the future home that I might have.

  26. All of those showers would ‘almost’ be enough to get me out of bed in the morning! Seriously though, we have a rainfall shower head and I couldn’t be without it now – it was worth eery penny!

  27. I’m not really a fan of glass door that aren’t frosted in the bathroom; but these are all so gorgeous, I can’t help but fall in love with them.

  28. I love large showers! These are gorgeous!

  29. These are some amazing shower design ideas. I love the second photo down with the water spraying from different directions. What is that called?

  30. These are soo cool. I wish I was living these kinda houses. Loved the pictures to bits thanks for sharing.

  31. Really really, a bathroom shower should have a relaxation potential and you showed us lovely designs to help us with that. Great content and thanks for sharing.

  32. OMG they’re all amazing!! Thanks for sharing! Xo Amanda

  33. Oh wow. Those are all completely gorgeous!!

  34. hey you’ve a knack of writing. pretty impressed with your skills. bookmarking your website.

  35. I agree that the shower is a place of relaxation. The showers pictured are absolutely beautiful!

  36. I love me a good bathroom! The one with wood tiles and stones around it is my fave!

  37. Omg…these are so beautiful. I need one in my house.

  38. These are so beautiful! Each one of them deserve to be in the list of dream showers. Hard to choose any one as the best πŸ™‚

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