Two Stars Stylish War- Selena Gomez & Victoria Beckham Wear The Same Dress

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Selena Gomez & Victoria Beckham were seen in New York in the same outfit, and different shoes only. According photos which were taken obviously that is a Stylish War between these Stars.

Selena Gomez is a fan of the fashion creations of Victoria Beckham. The popular singer was seen in New York in creation of pre-AW17 Victoria’s Beckham collection.The 24-year-old brunette looked great in the long figure hugging knitted dress worn over a bright red shirt, for a cast party for her Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, in New York.

The same layered styling with knitted dress and red shirt was the choice of Victoria, who usually dress in a custom fashion works.

Selena Gomez & Victoria Beckham !


Selena Gomez & Victoria Bechkam Selena Gomez & Victoria Bechkam Selena Gomez & Victoria Bechkam Selena Gomez & Victoria Bechkam Selena Gomez & Victoria Bechkam Selena Gomez & Victoria Bechkam

You probably decide who is the winner ?

But, what Victoria Beckham said? How Selena Gomez looks in her favorite dress?

This photo with comment bellow appeared on her Instagram profile:

How beautiful is @selenagomez?!! Wearing my favourite look from #VBPreAW17 x VB #VBDoverSt #VBHongKong

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This War is with Happy End 🙂

See bellow how Victoria Beckham wear this dress in different colors and different shoes !!!


Thank you @saks @roopal_patel great to meet everyone and preview my SS17 collection tonight! X vb

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At The End, Who Is Your Winner???

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  1. Sandy n vyjay

    Both are amazing style icons. The mustard dress complements both. But obviously Beckham carries it better. Kudos to the former spice girl

  2. Both look pretty, but do we always need to focus on how women look? and feel the need to pin women against each other?

    • It is just a fun for fashion gurus. For me woman may looked attractive but real beauty is not appearance only. I love fashion and enjoy to see how celebrities dressed up. Booth are beautiful 🙂 . Would love to have these dress and shoes. 🙂 Regards Michelle.

  3. Not normally a VB fan but I think she looks better in this one. It seems to swamp Selena (too much fabric and too high neckline) whereas VB seems to pull it off a bit better.

  4. I like the open toed shoes with it so I’m going with Selena!

  5. Both are amazing style icons and looked stunning in the dress 😀

  6. They both really rocked it! I love how they are wearing mustard yellow! It is so pretty!
    xo Jessica

  7. Both look incredible! I wish I could pull off a dress like that, it would totally be a dress wearing me situation

  8. Jithin Thomas

    I really liked everything mentioned here in this article. Great post

  9. Both look good in the dress. But, Selena Gomez. She rocked it and I am a fan of hers. I do not know who the other girl is though. 😂😂😂

  10. Both of them look amazing!! But somehow I like Selena better. The color looks better on her.

  11. they both look so elegant. love the outfits. thanks for sharing

  12. Both are looking amazing. And I like the dress so much.

  13. I love that dress! Both ladies look amazing in it. I really like Selena’s shoes though; however, both look great!

    Beth ||

  14. This is so fun! It’s always fun to compare “who wore it better”, but I think they both look great!

  15. I have to say I always have to go with Posh Spice, Victoria’s a style legend

  16. Both look great, but I would have to go with Victoria, definitely a fashion icon.

  17. Both of them are a style icon in the industry. Love both of them. It’s hard to choose who looks better?

  18. They are both amazingly beautiful in their own way.

  19. Ooh aha how awkward! I love both these woman, beckham is so empowering, tbh they both work it and look good aha ☺️

  20. looks great on them. Nice one

  21. I LOVE Victoria!!! I think she is so chic!

  22. Such a pretty and versatile dress! They both look amazing in it!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  23. I love victoria beckham, she always looks se effortlessly stylish.

  24. I love how Victoria wears it, her shhoes are lovely too!

    Much love,
    Marianne x

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